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Nov 26 , 2014
Premier Showing No Signs of Calling General Election
Paul Davis acknowledges two more byelection losses were 'very disappointing' for government, but says the PCs have a mandate to govern and it will continue to do so.
West Coast Couple Accused of Conspiring to Kill Woman's Brother
58-year-old Robert Pennell of Corner Brook and 54-year-old Imelda Jean Gibson of Pasadena were arrested and charged yesterday after police received a complaint.
More Details Emerge in Allegations against MPs
More details are coming to light about the alleged incidents that led to the suspension of MPs Scott Andrews and Massimo Pacetti from the Liberal caucus.
Closing Arguments Presented in Stabbing Trial
Stephen Hopkins is accused of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon, following an altercation with Jim Hamilton last June.
Ghomeshi Granted Bail after Court Appearance
Jian Ghomeshi's bail conditions include living with his surety, his mother, and giving up his passport and remaining in Ontario.
Driver of Stolen Vehicle Still at Large
Trinity Conception RCMP say two female passengers have been taken into custody.
Contractor Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges
With 61 prior fraud convictions, and 32 outstanding restitution orders, the Crown described James Dwyer as "a serial predator" who needs to be stopped.
Ground-Breaking Ceremony for Maritime Link
The Maritime Link will carry Muskrat Falls power from the island to Nova Scotia and beyond.
AUS Suspends MUN Basketball Coach for Two More Games
Doug Partridge was suspended this past weekend for one game, after making derogatory comments about a referee.
Island Bracing for First Major Snowfall of Season
Environment Canada Meteorologist Tracey Talbot says there's about to be a lot of snow over central and western Newfoundland.
Seventh Byelection Win Puts Liberal Caucus and PC Cabinet Neck and Neck
The Liberals have won the byelections in Trinity-Bay de Verde and Humber East.
Human Rights Complaints Filed by Three Innu Men Settled
The complaints stemmed from an incident in July of 2007, in which three Innu men from Sheshatshiu, who were attending a training session at the Hamilton Hotel in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, were made to feel unwelcome.
RCMP Seizes Banned Knives from Marystown
Police say switch blades and butterfly knives are prohibited by law.
Charges Laid After Seizure of Cocaine, Meds
Donald Cheeseman was arrested last week in connection with an unrelated investigation. Burin Peninsula RCMP say they learned that he was trafficking drugs at a local bar, where he was located.
Tensions at Wabana Council Prompt Police Appearance
RCMP say there were a few chaotic moments at last night's council meeting on Bell Island.
Mayor Urging Trappers to be Careful after Dog Caught in Snare
Bella, a Lab-Husky, will require surgery for 17 fractured and broken teeth after the animal attempted to free itself from the trap in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
Minister says Dome Delays Won't Impact Muskrat Falls Construction
The Minister of Natural Resources says he has been assured that construction of the Muskrat Falls project will not be delayed because of delays to the dome portion of the build.
Ordeal of Stabbing Victim Inspires Huge Turnout to Give Blood
Many of the people who donated blood had not done so in a very long time, but the clinic, honouring the little boy, moved them to take part in the event.
Lack of Canada Post Food Drive Leaves Association Scrambling
No Canada Post Food Drive this year means the Community Food Sharing Association is left scrambling to try to fill the void just before Christmas.
St. John's Needs to Better Address Heritage Issues: Shannie Duff
Shannie Duff was reacting to council's decision not to have 25 Winter Avenue declared a heritage property. The structure had been identified as being in need of protection 11 years earlier.
Former Minister to Represent HMP Staff Alleged to Have Allowed Riot
Jerome Kennedy and Erin Breen have been retained for the four employees in total, three of whom are in management positions.
IceCaps in Binghamton Tonight
Game time 8:30.
Provincial Sports Page
5th round curling action from Tuesday night at Bally Haly.
Tuesday's Scores/Wednesday's Schedule
Oilers lose seventh in a row.
Nov 25 , 2014
Two Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder
A 58-year-old man from Corner Brook and a 54-year-old woman from Pasadena were arrested after an investigation.

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